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Molly McGivern


Molly is a San Francisco native, trained at American Conservatory Theatre and graduate of McGill University in Montreal. Her short film, “The Call” won “Best Film” and “Most Creative” at the Montreal Fringe Film Festival and produced two interactive children’s plays at The Centaur Theatre in Montreal. With background in music, theatre and psychology, she sees “Pharms” as an opportunity to discuss delicate matters pertaining to mental health care while providing insight into others’ perspectives.

Alejandro Rodriguez Botero


Alejandro grew up in Colombia, where he wrote and directed short films until finishing his engineering college studies. After working in consulting and wrapping up a masters degree in Duke University, he started a job as a data analyst and began working on short films, linking the learnings from his professional life with his passion for cinema




Maverick studied Geography & Film at UCLA, although his interest in film stemmed from a young age when he was accidentally taken to a screening of Bone Collector instead of Pokemon, which was a terrifying but formative experience. While in Los Angeles, many film production opportunities surfaced from working on a variety of film sets and the Partos production company. He is currently in marketing and uses his knack for organizing chaos to help bring creative visions into reality.

Michelantony Dunston


Micha graduated form San Francisco State Film Core Magna Cum Lauda and was the recipient of the “Rosebud” Award by Francis Ford Coppola. Micha founded Triple Spiral Productions as a Director of Photography and field producer, creating promotional work that garnished him Four Telly Awards and brought him to film on promo projects with Linda Ronstadt, Guy Fieri, Alice Cooper, and Tony-winning directors Michael Meyer and Liesl Tommy. He just completed the film circuit with his short narrative “Life and the Lady” (www.lifeandthelady.com), winning “Best Director” in Venice, “Best Experimental Film” in Toronto, and “Best Sci/Fi Fantasy Film in Georgia. His professional website can be found at www.michelantony.com.

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